CoolSculpting: The Safe and Controlled Method of Fat Cell Destruction

Because Medicart Network is the leading brand in aesthetic medicine and skincare in today’s world, we are committed to offering you cutting-edge and highly safe treatments.

To help you get rid of stubborn fat or simply feel more comfortable in your clothes, several Medicart clinics offer CoolSculptingMD treatments.

However, there are other technologies available on the market. Here is more information to make an informed choice.

What is CoolSculptingMD ?

The CoolSculptingMD cryolipolysis procedure allows for the destruction of fat cells in different parts of your body. It is a non-surgical advanced treatment that uses cold to reduce fat in targeted areas. It is an innovative way to shape your body by freezing unwanted fat.

No surgical intervention is required, and the recovery time is minimal. This technology can target and treat ten different areas: under the chin, bra bulge, chest, upper arms, back, flanks, abdomen, pecs, under the buttocks, and thighs.

To ensure the safety of the procedure, CoolSculptingMD is equipped with patented safety measures to monitor the skin temperature throughout the treatment, preventing cold-induced burns. If the sensors detect that the skin is becoming too cold, the system will automatically stop. Allergan owns this safety process, making it unique to CoolSculpting and not present in any other cryolipolysis technology.

CoolSculptingMD cannot be sold to individuals, aestheticians, or online platforms like the giant Amazon.

At Medicart, your safety is one of our priorities, and we recommend medical cryolipolysis, specifically CoolSculpting technology. These treatments, with over 23 years of research and development and over 100 scientific publications, are available in more than 74 countries, with over 11 million treatment cycles administered worldwide so far.

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