Interview with Dr. Stéphanie Morin, medical director of Medicart Laval

At her clinic, Dr. Stéphanie Morin and her team have been proud to share their passion for and expertise in aesthetic medicine for nearly 20 years. Dedicated to providing patients with personalized care in a serene and welcoming environment, the clinic offers a limited number of treatments so Dr. Morin and her team can remain focused on their specialization.

Dr. Stéphanie Morin, Medical Director of the clinic, is a recognized leader in aesthetic medicine. She has built a reputation that extends beyond Canada’s borders as a physician specializing in injections.

Dr. Morin, how did your passion for aesthetics come about ?

I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a doctor. My mother was an orderly, and she cared for her patients as if they were her own family members, and I wanted to do the same. My specialization in aesthetics happened very naturally. Twenty years ago, I was at a spa in Tremblant when I saw an ad for injections. On impulse, I called the number provided and said I was a doctor and wanted to be trained in administering injections. Thus began the last twenty years! Aesthetic medicine fits my personality: meeting people, seeing them regularly, getting to know them. I enjoy being able to help using a general approach and to empower people to feel confident and good in their own skin.

What is your fondest professional memory to date ?

My fondest memories would be of all the fun moments and laughter that I have with my patients. The atmosphere in our clinic is rather festive; the staff is always laughing and having a lot of fun with the clients who come visit us. I also like to remember my first office, where the patients sat in chairs lined up along the wall. It is very gratifying to see how the clinic has progressed over the years and to realize how far we have come from where we started.

What do you think sets your clinic apart ?

The energy! When clients come to the clinic, they feel like they are visiting their girlfriends and having fun. The waiting room is like our living room, and the treatment rooms are our kitchen. Our philosophy at the Clinic is to treat our clients as if they were members of our own family. If I refuse to perform a treatment on myself or a loved one, I do not offer it in my Clinic.

If there is one piece of advise you could give to anyone who wants to start taking care of themselves, what would it be ?

We often forget that 80% of all illnesses can be treated with the tools that we ourselves control. Simply put, my most important piece of advice would be to eat well, be active and of course, feel good in your own skin! My patients know that diet, exercise and healthy living are my favourite topics when the office door is closed.

You can meet Dr. Morin and her team at the clinic located at 1550 Montée Champagne in Laval.

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