From France to Director of Medicart Saint-Lambert: Discover Sophie’s Journey

We met with Sophie Gervasoni, the director of the Medicart clinic in Saint-Lambert, to ask her about her career and the impact of medical-aesthetic care on her life.

Can you tell us about your professional journey and what led you to become the director of Medicart Saint-Lambert?

Originally from France, I started my studies and esthetics career there. At the age of 21, I set off to travel the world to study and work abroad, which allowed me to gain experience in top-notch spas and learn English! It was a fabulous experience. And then I thought, why not Canada? So, I applied to Epiderma, and a few months later, I was promoted to director at Medicart.

What challenges did you encounter along the way, and how did you overcome them to reach your current position?

My directorial career began with a new acquisition: Epiderma Ville Mont-Royal. From its early days, this clinic represented a real challenge. Establishing a new location requires a lot of personal investment and research to build a loyal clientele.

After 7 months of dedication, Epiderma & Medicart recognized the value of these efforts and offered me an even more exciting position at the Medicart Saint-Lambert clinic! I have now been part of the network for over a year.

Can you share how aesthetic treatments have impacted your own skin? What results have you observed, and how has it influenced your perception of aesthetic treatments?

Having struggled with acne in my adolescence, I had acne scars when I started at Medicart. So, I underwent treatments such as PRP facial, Morpheus8, and Micro-needling, which allowed my skin to repair, reduce redness, and improve its overall appearance. I now feel like a “real woman” with healthy and confident skin!

How has your personal experience enriched your understanding of patients’ needs and concerns?

My background in hospitality has allowed me to understand what excellent customer service is. When working in this field, you always try to find solutions while putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. It’s something I strive to do every day at Medicart.

Are there any specific treatments or products that you recommend or prefer based on your personal experience?

Certainly! Morpheus treatment and Micro-needling with Exosomes will remain my favorites due to their spectacular results. When I feel the need to be pampered, I opt for a Deluxe Hydrafacial with my technician. As for products, I mix it up with Vivier and Skin Medica brands! I use Vivier’s Grenzcine serum morning and night, along with Skin Medica’s HA5 cream on my face and neck. For post-treatment, I tend to use Vivier’s Derma-V because it’s an excellent repair cream.

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