Dr. Christine Caron – Passionate About Taking Care of Others

Ever since 2008, Dr. Christine Caron has been proud to offer all types of non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments and care at her clinic, ranging from skin care, body contouring, women’s health, and men’s treatments. Joining the Medicart Network nearly one year ago, this clinic in the Vieux Saint-Lambert district now operates under the name of Medicart Saint-Lambert.

Dr. Caron, how did you become interested in pursuing a career in aesthetic medicine ?

As a family physician, I was always interested in dermatology. From the very beginning of my career, I did a lot of phlebology, so injections were part of my daily routine. It felt natural for me to go into aesthetic medicine and to deepen my knowledge of facial injections. I am very passionate about aesthetic medicine; it allows me to take care of people in a different way.

What sets your clinic apart ?

The thing people appreciate most when they walk into our clinic is the personalized attention to their individual needs and concerns. We examine our patients very carefully, taking all aspects into consideration. We really enjoy working with them, helping them take care of themselves and enhance their natural beauty. With great respect for the natural appearance of our patients, we are also sensitive to their particular needs and concerns. In addition, I offer a comprehensive women’s health care package, providing long-term medical follow-up care for menopausal women and women undergoing hormonal changes. More specifically, I support them through the changes that occur to their faces and bodies after menopause.

What is your fondest professional memory to date ?

My fondest professional memory dates back to 2008, the year I became an entrepreneur and founded my clinic, which brought together aesthetic medicine and family medicine. It was a great accomplishment for me to be able to offer family medicine, as well as aesthetics and dermatology under the same roof. Managing an entire clinic was a challenge at first, from employees, to billing, marketing, accounting, human resources and so on. But I am very proud of it!

If you had to give one piece of advice to anyone who want to start taking care of themselves, what would it be ?

The sooner you start taking care of yourself, the better. It’s important to start taking preventive measures at a young age: protect yourself from sun exposure, eat well, exercise, and use the right products to take care of your skin. I recommend that all teenagers and young adults consult a dermatologist to find out which products are best suited to their skin type and prevent acne and its long-term consequences.

If you were to highlight one particular treatment that deserves to be recognized, what would it be and why ?

The BBL intense pulsed light therapy is one of the treatments that showed the most improvement and had the greatest results. In fact, this treatment fundamentally alters the skin’s texture, stimulates collagen production, and has many other benefits that will last for years to come. It’s an inexpensive, short treatment that requires very little recovery time. With excellent value for money, I would recommend this treatment without hesitation!

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