Body Contouring

At Medicart, body contouring is offered using the breakthrough technologies of Venus Legacy, VelaShape III, Exilis and Maderotherapy.

Reshape your silhouette without surgery

Discover the secret to a sculpted silhouette with our body contouring treatment! The body contouring treatment stimulates and reinforces collagen, restoring tone to the skin. By targeting skin firming, cellulite reduction, and improving skin texture, body contouring offers visible and long-lasting results.

At Medicart, we provide cutting-edge technologies such as Venus Legacy, VelaShape III, Exilis, and Maderotherapy to reshape your silhouette and reduce the circumference of these areas, often resistant to diets and exercise alone.

It is essential to emphasize that body contouring is a treatment that does not aim for weight loss. Its goal is to sculpt and tone the body, highlighting your natural silhouette.

These techniques and technologies also help in treating cellulite.

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How does a body contouring treatment work?

The Venus Legacy, VelaShape III, Exilis and Maderotherapy devices each offer a unique non-surgical skin tightening technique.

Venus Legacy combines multipolar radiofrequency, electromagnetic pulses, and adjustable pulsating suction (VariPulse) for effective body firming. The combination of these three technologies increases collagen synthesis, accelerates fibroblast proliferation, induces a lipolysis process for fat reduction, and allows lymphatic drainage.

During a VelaShape III procedure, a handheld device emit bipolar radiofrequency and infrared light is swept over the skin in a massaging movement, after which a gentle suction is applied. The bipolar radiofrequency and infrared energy are directed to heat the fat cells deep within the skin’s tissue. The gentle suction ensures efficient delivery of the energy to optimize the effect on fat cells.

Exilis, also, utilizes heating to target and eliminate fat cells. The dual energy transmission of Exilis accomplishes two goals: it accelerates the metabolic activity of fat cells to reduce their size, while also stimulating and strengthening the collagen network to improve skin texture and combat sagging.

Maderotherapy is a massage technique that utilizes wooden tools to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, promote relaxation, and eliminate toxins. Maderotherapy can be offered alone or in combination with radiofrequency. Combining the two techniques yields synergistic results in terms of skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and skin texture improvement.

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How much does body contouring cost?

The price varies depending on the number of sessions, the areas to be treated, and the technology offered at the clinic (Venus Legacy, VelaShape III, Exilis or Maderotherapy). For an accurate estimate of the cost of your treatment, we recommend you make an appointment for a complimentary and obligation-free evaluation with a specialist at Medicart. We believe that each person is unique and has specific needs. This is why we customize our treatment plans.

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After treatment

To get the most out of your body contouring treatment, your medical aesthetic technician will advise you on complementary care tailored to your needs and skin type. Adopting a complete beauty routine in the morning and evening will let you enjoy your treatment results longer.


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