The microdermabrasion treatment aims to remove dead skin cells using a stream of microcrystals, providing deep exfoliation.

Discover the microdermabrasion treatment

The microdermabrasion treatment helps to brighten the complexion while improving the texture of the skin. Over time, the skin accumulates an excess of dead cells due to various environmental factors. Microdermabrasion treatment stimulates the production of new living cells and collagen in the dermis by mechanically removing dead skin cells.

Thanks to microdermabrasion, it is possible to regenerate the upper layers of the epidermis using a stream of microcrystals that exfoliate and cleanse the skin deeply. This results in an immediate improvement in skin elasticity and texture. Hands, neck, and décolletage can also benefit from this treatment.

Microdermabrasion can help reduce acne and pigmentation spots, while reducing the appearance of pores and signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Additionally, microdermabrasion treatment promotes optimal absorption of skincare products, thereby enhancing their effectiveness. Microdermabrasion treatment is safe and suitable for all skin types.

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How does a microdermabrasion treatment work?

To begin, the technician cleanses the facial skin using Medicart’s Pure Cleansing Milk. Then, two to three passes of the microcrystal stream removes the dead skin cells and deeply exfoliates the targeted areas. Finally, the Smoothing Medicart mask is applied to the face and left to work for approximately twenty minutes.

Microdermabrasion is not painful but may cause some discomfort when the stream of microcrystals is applied; some say it feels like a spray of sand to the skin. The treatment lasts approximately 70 minutes for the face and is available as a series or as a single treatment.

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How much does a microdermabrasion treatment cost?

For a more precise estimate of the cost of a treatment tailored to your needs, we recommend you meet with a Medicart specialist for a complimentary, obligation-free evaluation. We believe that each person is unique with specific needs. This is why we personalize our treatment plans.

  • Individual treatment Face $153
  • Package of 4 treatments Face tarting from $455
  • Package of 4 treatments Face and Neck Starting from $524
  • Package of 6 treatments Face Starting from $624
  • Package of 6 treatments Face and Neck Starting from $718

I like to schedule a microdermabrasion treatment every time the seasons change. Afterwards, my skin is ready to better absorb my skincare products.

Melissa R.

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After treatment

To get the most out of your microdermabrasion treatment, your medical aesthetic technician will recommend complementary skincare tailored to your needs and skin type. Adopting a complete beauty routine in the morning and evening will help you enjoy the benefits of your treatment longer.


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