Tattoo Removal

The Class 2 medical laser, The RevLite Q-Switch applies a very narrow beam to break down tattoo ink into tinyall particles which are then eliminated by the lymphatic system without scarring.

Let our team guide you

We will assess your needs and goals to advise you on a suitable treatment plan.


    Let our team guide you

    We will assess your needs and goals to advise you on a suitable treatment plan.


      Discover the safest tattoo removal method

      The wavelength of the RevLite Q-Switch laser applied during the treatment, varies depending on the color of the ink, and offers. The dual benefit of fading the tattoo and avoiding scarring.

      The amount of ink remaining in the skin gradually decreases after each session. While some ink particles may remain, the coloring and fragments are usually so faint that they absorb less light and therefore become less visible.

      Choose Medicart Ville Saint-Laurent clinic in Montreal to safely remove an unwanted tattoo under the supervision of a team of renowned dermatologists.

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      With you from start to finish

      1. Free evaluation of your needs with a medical aesthetics expert from Medicart
      2. Safe tattoo removal with the RevLite Q-Switch laser tattoos
      3. Post-treatment recommendations
      Play video How does the tattoo removal procedure work?

      How does the tattoo removal procedure work?

      Before each treatment, the medical aesthetics technician cleans the tattoo area. The RevLite Q-Switch device is then customized according to your skin type, ink color, and quantity.

      The skin is cooled before, during, and after the treatment for maximum comfort. Finally, the soothing Medicart balm is applied, and a sterile dressing is placed on the area that has been treated.

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      How much does tattoo removal cost?

      The price varies according to the size of the tattoo, the number of colors, the quality of the design, and the ink used. For a free and no obligation evaluation and an accurate estimate of the treatment based on your specific needs, we recommend consulting an expert at Medicart. We understand that each person is unique and has individual needs, which is why we customize our treatment plans.

      • Mini size 3 x 3 cm (9 cm2) $175
      • Small size 5 x 9 cm (45 cm2) $250
      • Medium size 10 x 18 cm (180 cm2) $430
      • Large size 20 x 20 cm (400 cm2) $600

      A recognized expertise

      • At the cutting edge of technology

        To ensure your safety and best results

      • Protocol supervised by our medical direction

        The RevLite Q-Switch technology is a Class 2 medical laser.

      • Competitive and affordable prices

        For natural beauty at a competitive price

      • Complementary skincare to treat and hydrate the skin

        Designed by international skincare experts.

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