Varicose veins treatment – Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that treats vascular malformations such as varicose veins affecting the legs, ankles, and feet, as well as facial conditions, such as rosacea.

Treat varicose veins, spider veins, and rosacea without surgery through sclerotherapy

During a sclerotherapy procedure, a solution is injected into a varicose vein, causing it to close off and shrink into a thin line below the skin’s surface. Blood then reroutes through normal veins. This process gradually eliminates larger varicose veins within one to three months, and smaller burst veins or rosacea within one to two weeks.

For medium-sized varicose veins and spider veins, a simple saline solution injection is often sufficient. This mild solution may cause a harmless inflammatory response, which causes the medium-sized varicose veins or spider veins to disappear. Reticular veins (medium-sized veins) and injections for spider veins are usually treated after larger varicose veins.

Almost all varicose veins can be treated with sclerotherapy. The larger, deeper varicose veins are injected before the smaller burst veins.

Sclerotherapy can also be used to treat rosacea.

The Medicart clinics offer treatments for varicose veins, including ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, endovenous laser treatment and the VenaSealMD procedure.

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How does sclerotherapy work?

The treatment of varicose veins by sclerotherapy begins with an initial consultation with a doctor to discuss symptoms, medical history, and to evaluate the varicose veins.

During the treatment, the doctor injects a solution directly into the varicose veins using a fine needle.

The pain associated with sclerotherapy varies from person to person. Varicose vein treatment by sclerotherapy is often compared to a mosquito bite. The treatment site may be a little sensitive for a day or two and you may seen some bruising. Injections around the knees and ankles may cause slight swelling that will go down within a few days.

The pain in your legs and their general appearance will improve after three or four sclerotherapy sessions. The varicose veins that were treated will disappear, but the hereditary tendency to develop varicose veins remains. Yearly follow-ups to treat any new varicose veins will ensure the comfort and better appearance of your legs.

Sclerotherapy treatment may require multiple sessions to achieve desired results. There is no recovery time required for sclerotherapy treatment.

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A free information session is offered to patients who wish to learn more about our services, treatment pricing, payment options, promotional offers, customer benefits, treatment procedure, and much more. A simple clinic call is all it takes, and we will address your inquiries. We understand that each individual is unique with specific needs, which is why we tailor our treatment plans. For Ontario patients, consultations for vein treatments offered at Medicart Ottawa clinic are covered by OHIP. Details available at the clinic.

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I hate needles, but Dr. Dominic St-Amour is patient and experienced. He pricked my varicose veins with great gentleness and I didn't suffer. When an appointment involves about thirty injections, it makes a real difference! After the treatment, my varicose veins disappeared, and the sensation of heavy legs as well. I am very satisfied with the result for my health... and for my self-esteem!

Sandrine D.

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After treatment

After sclerotherapy for your varicose veins, your medical aesthetic technician will advise you on complementary care tailored to your needs. Using the Renaissance Medicart Glove daily and wearing custom-fitted medical compression stockings as prescribed by a healthcare professional are recommended.


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