Treating Varicose Veins the Right Way

Not only can varicose veins be harmful or inconvenient, but they can also lead to a number of complications. That’s why it’s important to treat them early and correctly. Even more critical is selecting a specialized and professional clinic where this treatment can be administered safely.

A varicose vein is one that can no longer adequately carry blood back to the heart. These superficial veins are associated with symptoms such as the legs feeling heavy, tired or itchy, problems with skin pigmentation, edema, and varicose ulcers. These are the most common procedures provided at Medicart to successfully treat varicose veins.


A saline solution is injected into the vein to cause damage; the affected vein will then scar and dry out, allowing the blood to be redirected to healthy veins nearby. It will then disappear, as blood will no longer be circulating through it.

Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy

It consists of an endovenous chemical ablation of larger varicose veins performed much the same way as conventional sclerotherapy but using ultrasound technology and stronger medication. The ultrasound allows veins to be seen on the screen, improving the accuracy of the injection.

Endovenous treatment by Venefit™

This method is an alternative to traditional surgery and involves the removal of a vein using radiofrequency. It is performed in a single session at the clinic using local anesthesia and involves inserting a catheter into the vein from the knee to the groin.

The VenaSeal® Procedure

It uses a small amount of a specially formulated medical adhesive to seal or “close” the affected vein.

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