The modern man takes care of himself

Nowadays, an increasing number of men are showing interest in medical-aesthetic care to preserve or enhance their appearance – and that’s great! At Medicart, we offer various treatments specifically designed for men.

Gentlemen, to learn more about the evolution of beauty care for men and to discover our excellent services, continue reading.

Masculinity in transformation

Twenty-five years ago, less than 5% of men admitted to using aesthetic products. Today, nearly half declare using at least one such product daily — a significant difference! The number 1 product for men: the essential anti-wrinkle cream. Following closely are anti-dark circle products and body creams.

In Quebec and around the world, men are increasingly taking care of themselves. Whether it’s to maintain healthy-looking skin despite aggressors like shaving, air pollution, sun exposure, and tobacco, or simply to present themselves at their best, modern men no longer hesitate to use aesthetic products and services.

Medicart offers a wide range of treatments for men:

Hair Loss Treatment

It’s possible to slow down hair loss and increase the diameter of the hair shaft with platelet-rich plasma treatment, a 100% natural and biocompatible remedy. Your blood contains active growth factors aimed at revitalizing, healing, and regenerating dysfunctional cells. Injecting your growth factors will reduce hair loss and promote regrowth.


To reduce the appearance of wrinkles or expression lines, or to define and add volume to the face, we use recognized products, namely dermal fillers and neuromodulators. These quick treatments give the face a relaxed and younger appearance. Goodbye, wrinkles and fine lines!

Varicose Veins

No one knows exactly why varicose veins — those unsightly veins visible on the legs — appear. However, obesity, heredity, and age seem to be factors. At Medicart, we offer several effective solutions to make varicose veins disappear.

Couperose and Rosacea

Couperose and rosacea are characterized by the presence of small red capillaries on the skin’s surface. Medicart offers several options to treat couperose, such as photorejuvenation, sclerotherapy, or VBeam laser.

Excessive Sweating

Also known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating affects the quality of life for many men. Fortunately, there is an effective solution to control it if you’ve tried everything else: neuromodulator injections.

Double Chin

Many men have a double chin, even if they are not overweight. The Belkyra treatment is for them. Precise injections under the chin will eliminate unwanted submental fat. Thanks to this technology, fat cells are eliminated, and unless there is significant weight gain or major lifestyle changes, the result is permanent.


Using cryolipolysis (fat destruction by cold), CoolSculpting technology targets and destroys fat cells by applying a temperature of -10 degrees directly to the skin. The process of destroying fat cells initiates, and the body eliminates these dead fat cells over the next 2 to 3 months. CoolSculpting does not affect other cells in the body, such as muscles, skin, or even nerves.

Depending on each patient’s morphology, 1 to 2 sessions may be necessary, and unless there is significant weight gain, the bulge is permanently eliminated.

For effective skin treatments, including injections, trust the Medicart Network team.

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